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Why Choose GRP?

The benefits of choosing a fiberglass (GRP) tiled pool or spa can far outweigh the more traditional methods such as concrete due to speed of construction, reduced costs and greater access to all fittings, pipework and electrics.

Choosing GRP over concrete for the build of your pool or spa provides many benefits including; reduced cost, reduced installation time, increased speed of construction and reducing overall project cost. GRP comes with the same warranties as concrete (this is an enhanced not inferior product to that of concrete), greater access to fittings so less downtime if any failures occur (key for commercial businesses), exacting programme dates as built in factory conditions not open air sites where weather can affect programme, high quality of finish with QMS control, pre-water testing prior to delivery so no onsite water / leakage issues and more bespoke creativity in design.

Our products can be installed in as little as one day, ready for field pipe/plant connections. Once you have chosen your prefabricated, tiled pool or spa, there are an endless list of additions that can be included. Spa Design and Build offer an extensive range of additional features such as pool covers, water features, air and water jets, both white and colour changing
lights (mini, midi and large) and much more.

One benefit of opting for a factory manufactured product is that you can view your product at all stages of manufacture and witness the QMS control of each stage being approved and signed off by our manufacturing manager, ensuring quality in both the aesthetics and structure integrity of the product.

We provide our clients with the opportunity to be a part of the process during the product pre stage. This allows our customers to create bespoke products that suit their individual requirements. Product features can be personalized, enabling clients to choose exacting positions of air jets, water jets, massage features, lights, and defining tiles. This gives the client total control over the design and most importantly, the comfort of knowing where the product is up to in the manufacturing, while witnessing the quality of its finish first hand.


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