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Swimming Pools

Spa Design and Build offer bespoke design for all manner of pools and spas. Dependant on your clients needs, we can incorporate water features such as water curtains, water cannons, air and water jets. Automatic covers and upgraded grating can also be incorporated into the design.

Spas and pools can be split into multiple sections if needed, making it easier to transport and position on site if access is limited. Once onsite, the sections are joined together and one of Spa Design and Build’s experienced engineering teams will tile over the connecting join and complete any final plumbing and electrical works.

Standard Sizes

  • 5M x 3M x 1.5M
  • 6M x 3M x 1.5M
  • 7M x 3M x 1.5M
  • 8M x 3M x 1.5M
  • 5M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 6M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 7M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 8M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 9M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 10M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 11M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 12M x 3.8M x 1.5M
  • 10M x 4.5M x 1.5M
  • 11M x 4.5M x 1.5M
  • 12M x 4.5M x 1.5M
  • 10M x 5M x 1.5M
  • 11M x 5M x 1.5M

View Our Warranty

All our products come with the following warranty.

Structural Integrity – 10 years

Tiling – 2 years Joint Point (gel dot) or Large Format

1 year cord backed (thinner mesh / approved)

1 year paper-faced mosaic

No warranty for thick mesh back mosaics

Plumbing – 2 years

Electrical – 1 year

Available as Fully Accessible or Backfilled


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