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Plunge Pools

A plunge pool is a small, typically deep pool that is usually installed in-ground, although above-ground models are available. An ideal place to cool-off after heat treatments such as a sauna or steam session or for body recovery after gym / training sessions.

Standard Sizes

  • 2.00m x 2.10m Snail Shell Plunge Pool
  • 1.80m x 1.20m Rectangular Pool Plunge Pool
  • 1.20m Square Plunge Pool

View Our Warranty

All our products come with the following warranty.

Structural Integrity – 10 years

Tiling – 2 years Joint Point (gel dot) or Large Format

1 year cord backed (thinner mesh / approved)

1 year paper-faced mosaic

No warranty for thick mesh back mosaics

Plumbing – 2 years

Electrical – 1 year

Available as Fully Accessible or Backfilled


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