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Hydropools / Vitality Spas

Vitality or Hydrotherapy spas are designed to be relaxing, with levels allowing for standing, sitting or lounging. They are equipped with air and water jet features and can be tailored to suite your client.

Standard Sizes

  • 4.00m x 3.50m Lounger Spa - Rectangular, ONE PIECE
  • 4.50m x 3.50m Vitality Spa - Rectangular, ONE PIECE
  • 5.50m x 3.50m Vitality Spa - Rectangular, ONE PIECE

View Our Warranty

All our products come with the following warranty.

Structural Integrity – 10 years

Tiling – 2 years Joint Point (gel dot) or Large Format

1 year cord backed (thinner mesh / approved)

1 year paper-faced mosaic

No warranty for thick mesh back mosaics

Plumbing – 2 years

Electrical – 1 year

Available as Fully Accessible or Backfilled


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